Friday, October 15, 2010

Power of Buckminster's advisor nodes

Yesterday while working on updating GMF plugins with new model I had some changes in my workspace that produced compilation errors. I did not have time to fix the errors by the end of the day but with the changes I had, I did not want to leave them in my workspace without checking them into SVN. You know what they say "If it's not in version control, it does not exist." However, checking in these changes into SVN would mean that the build would break. Yes, I could have re-branches the changes, but did not have time for that either. What's the solution? Buckminster's advisor nodes! Here is what I did in my cquery:

I added three advisor nodes that set revision to last good revision of the plugins. That's it. During materialization three plugins with revision 63870 will be checked out and although latest revision has compilation errors, build will still work.

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