Thursday, May 21, 2009

ИскаBoo starts its life

The eBook project is in the works and enjoys its new home. Why ИскаBoo(IskaBoo) you might ask? Well it's a play on two words, Russian искать which means to search and Boo which is English Book without the 'k'. Sounds nice, don't you think?
So the first conversion I am doing is actually from LRF to PDF just because there are libraries available for the conversion: LRFTools. Yes, I wanted to implement fb2 to lrf first, but I'd like to finish UI part first so that I have extension point correct to contribute to conversion. The extension point here is this:

name="LRF to EPUB Converter"
outputtype="epub" providerclass="free.akravets.iskaboo.ui.coverter.lrttools.LRF2EPUBConverter">

So here a plugin that wants to contribute to conversion mechanism will implement this extension point and provide implementation of IEBookConverterProvider interface:

public interface IEBookConverterProvider {
public URL convert(URL inputDocument) throws MalformedURLException;

Of course this interface is not 100% set, but basic conversion from LRF to PDF almost works.

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